My latest reel of animation and motion design work. 
Unless noted, I was responsible for all design, direction and animation.

0:00 Speculative Project
Client: BKN Films

0:07 SOM 2020 Holiday Card
Client: School Of Motion

0:09 HarvardX Digital Health Series
Client: Harvard University | EdX

0:15 HarvardX Causal Diagram Series
Client: Harvard University | EdX

0:17 Emmes at Home Ident
Client: Signifi

0:20 Stop the Plant Campaign
Client: Scenic Hudson

0:23 BPL Online Learning PSA
Client: Brooklyn Public Library

0:28 HemAware Spot Illustrations 
Client: Manifest

0:30 DIY Science with CHEVY
Client: Campbell Ewald

0:35 Speculative Project
Client: BKN Films

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