I was commissioned by IEEE Spectrum to create a series of images on a variety of tech subjects.
Plug and play nuclear power? SMNR's or Small Modular Nuclear Reactors are compact nuclear power solutions designed to address the climate crisis by offering scalable and flexible alternatives while producing lower carbon emissions, adding to a more sustainable energy future. I was thinking about wartime propaganda imagery when designing this.
How to illustrate something as abstract as machine or deep learning? Built upon layered neural networks, the middle layer, or hidden layer, is where these network learns to represent and extract features from the input data. I wanted to give a sense of depth and physicality to the process. 
Hey Siri, at what cost? While wearables such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, offer users convenience and real-time insights, the trade-off involves potential privacy breaches and increased vulnerability to surveillance.
Can you hear me now? Microwave network towers transmit data wirelessly using high-frequency radio waves, establishing point-to-point communication links to swiftly and efficiently transmit information over long distances.

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