This is a poster I designed and illustrated for a local showing of the '80's cult classic film "Mystery Train" by Jim Jarmusch. I love this movie and it's as fresh and funny as when it was first released, so I was really psyched to have a chance to pay homage to it. My favorite act (it's a 3 act story of interwoven plot lines) by far, is the first third of the movie that follows 2 Japanese teenagers on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Rock n' Roll... Memphis, Tennessee. 
My reference board for my sketches. I wanted to capture a scene in the movie when the couple, carrying their suitcase by a pole held up between them as they walked, wander through downtown Memphis in front of an old movie palace.
Finished sketch.
Basic vector drawing. An intermediate stage along the way.
Bonus points to anyone who gets the "Jiffy Squid" reference.
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