Hooks for Harvard
Future Power Grid
Tools of the Trade label design
PopMech Backpack
Beacon Open Studios poster
Jucy Vans
BIFF 2017 poster and animation
Messing with Adobe Draw
Industrial Arts Brewing Company logo
Der Spiegel cover
To Catch a Thief
Happy Beginnings and Endings
Google Trekker
JWT ideas
Bear Myths
London Calling
PS infographics
KAON Interactive
Yahoo Mural
Various portraits
The Future of Spacesuits
ORACLE Mobile App
Crash and Burn... Then Sharks
Stephen Clair and the Millionaires
Higher Education
Various exercise illustrations
Blind Men
Jason Crandell Yoga
Yippee Kai Yay!
Daredevil Investing
Adventure Time
NSFW! Sex Olympics
The Cask
Travel Maps
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