Infographic done for the Glenlivet app "The Cask", for an article about how "chill filtration" works. Bottom line, some like it... some don't.
Commissioned by AD Neil Russo.
Grains and yeast ferment in oak barrels, creating phenols and long- chain fatty acid esters.
When the liquid is diluted with cold water or simply gets cold enough, these compounds clump together to form small particles (known as micelles) that float suspended in the liquid.
These micelles scatter light, making the liquid cloudy or hazy in a phenomenon known as “chill haze.
To make their products more aesthetically pleasing, producers will crash-chill (that is, chill them very rapidly) the liquids to force them to haze over, then push the liquid through a series of filters to remove the haze-producing particles before bottling.
The final wound up staying very close to the original sketch.

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