How will we live in 5 years? Full page illustrations done for the German weekly business magazine Wirtschaftswoche on how technology will possibly impact our lives in the very near future. Had a week to produce all 6. 
Commissioned by AD Holger Windfuhr.
Greener and smarter, it's a sunny morning in the city. The editorial conceit was to follow a fictitious couple, Paul and Paula, throughout the day. Here they start out with a morning ride through a city full of innovations.
Delivery drones, vertical farms, air cleaning billboards, rooftop powerplants and a revived interest in skytrams are just a few of the ways things could change.
Paul and Paula in the mall.
Smart billboards could display alternate outfits available for sale, in real time.
Paula and Paul go for a midday jog in the park. A suite of smart accessories monitor their vitals as well as provide route info and status updates for friends. Rock climbers can scale a real wall while experiencing a virtual one as well. And a bicyclist can extract fresh drinking water from the air with a specially designed bottle.
Scaling a real wall while assaulting a virtual stronghold?
Paul visits a hospital for some outpatient surgery. After passing though an entrance scanner that automatically checks certain vital signs (like signs of elevated temperature for example), he then checks in using his unique biometeric data.
Minimally invasive knee surgery can be performed by a surgeon using a robotic workstation while a 3D medical printer produces customized parts unique to each patient.
The day is winding down as Paula picks up Paul after his surgery (sporting a smart, articulated knee brace) in a fully autonomous car. Freed from driving, both passengers can relax, while catching up on the days events, watching the news or reading emails directly on the cars dashboard which having no steering wheel, would offer a large viewing area.
The fully networked vehicle would be able to understand and predict traffic patterns as well as anticipate hazards such as an, as yet unseen, a speeding motorcycle approaching from a side street.
End of the day and Paul and Paula are relaxing at home. Paul is upstairs, having a quick shower and enjoying a glass of wine before dinner after getting the OK from his surgeon via the smart mirror, which also displays other bits of info, from his vitals to tomorrow's weather report. Paula is downstairs making a simple salad while her trusty food printer is preparing tonight's lasagna. 
While Paula is in the kitchen she's checking in with her mother via the ceiling mounted hologram projector. And what future would be complete without a robot helper around the house? 
Ah, to dream...

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